Nuno Loureiro


Nuno is an experienced IT and Security professional with over 15 years of industry experience. He acquired vast knowledge throughout his career in Information Security, Unix system administration, architecture and development of large-scale web applications, and cultivated leadership skills.

Clara Gonçalves

Science and Technologic Park University of Porto

During the last 6 years she is working in the implementation of an effective knowledge and technology transfer model between academia and business, supporting more than 100 tech-based start-ups and spin-offs and attracting Innovation Centers from national and international enterprises to the University of Porto environment.

  • Mentor


Paula Panarra


Paula Panarra has been the General Manager for Microsoft Portugal since December 2016, and has been with Microsoft since February 2010.

Arlindo Oliveira

Instituto Superior Técnico

I am a professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). I am presently the President of IST and member of its executive board. I got a PhD from UC Berkeley in 1994, after a BSc and a MSc from IST, in 1986 and 1989, respectively. My major areas of interest are Algorithms and Complexity, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics and Digital Circuit Design. I have worked at CERN, Cadence Laboratories and INESC-ID.

João Vitória


US native João Vitória has been working on digital projects and traditional media since the early 90’s. A former technology journalist and TV host, his work is all about pushing the boundaries of advertising and marketing with technology and his DIY approach. Although his business cards have always had technology related titles, he feels most comfortable in his creative work. From the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas to the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, he has consulted, developed projects and delivered installations in locations as diverse as airports, historical buildings, retail spaces, movie theaters, stadiums and music festivals.

Jorge Simões

EDP Innovation

My career in Europe and USA includes multiple industry and consulting roles in Information Technology, across the telecommunications, pharmaceutical and energy sectors. At EDP since 2012, I lead two strategic innovation areas for the company: Customer Focused Solutions (retail innovation) and Data Leap (Digital Innovation covering Big Data, Advanced Analytics and the Internet of Things).

Jason Nadal


One part strategy, one part execution, two parts customer focus. Add into that recipe 16 Years of business development, marketing and partner engagement work and you get somebody that can deliver. I have excellent experience in both enterprise and consumer products and services with a special focus on subscription based platforms & services.

Olya Ohrimenko

Microsoft Research

Olya Ohrimenko is a Researcher in the Microsoft Research team in Cambridge.

David Kelnar

MMC Ventures

As Investment Director and Head of Research at MMC, an award-winning venture capital firm established in 2000, my team develops the insights and ideas to deliver exceptional returns through a deep understanding of technologies, trends and markets.

Beatriz Oliveira


Beatriz Oliveira is an entrepreneur, speaker, and visionary in the web design industry. Beatriz currently is the founder and CEO of BindTuning, a successful cloud company and one of leading products on branding/UX for SharePoint and Office 365.

José António Silva


Software Architect and Mentor in a wide variety of technologies. Particularly versed with Software as a Service (SaaS) in all aspects of the Strategy, Design, Deployment and Operation of these multi-tenant applications. Always interested in Agile methodologies and Data Visualization and anything than can make tedious and repetitive work disappear from our lives.

Pedro Rosa


Loves everything that has bits inside and he is passioned about IoT and the links between hardware and software. He is the founder for the MainHub coworking space in Lisbon and one of the founders for the IoT Summit in Portugal.

Rui Guedes

Ground Control Studios

I've been working with VR since 2013, focusing on Immersion and Design-For-VR paradigms. Cool stuff :).

Soraya Gadit


I am CEO & Founder of InoCrowd. Our vision is to revolutionize the innovation market through partnerships with Companies and Universities.

Ana Casaca

José de Mello

Building bridges between people of different disciplines is my goal as a “corporate intrapreneur”. I'm passionate about enabling people to do more and/or new things. I am more a generalist than a specialist which helps me to bridge different areas of expertise and to match ideas and opportunities in various settings. I have strong inter-personal and trans-disciplinary functional skills developed over 10 years of experience in innovation management, change managemente, implementation of transversal projects, technology transfer and intellectual property.

Sofia Marimba


More than 15 years professional experience, 7 of which in management consultancy, with extensive experience in the telecommunications and technology sectors.

Alexandre Barbosa

Faber Ventures

Alexandre is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Faber Ventures, having over 15 years of experience in business innovation and growth. His previous experiences as entrepreneur of technology related businesses, executive manager and strategy consultant include serving as Co-Founder and CEO of Innovagency, as CEO of Atlântico and Blueticket and as Associate at Oliver Wyman.

Pedro Oliveira

Exame Informática - Impresa

Pedro is the Director of Exame Informática. One of the most popular technical magazines in Portugal.

João Dias


Filipe Araújo

Porto City Council

Pedro Janela


Managed Interactive Marketing in Portuguese and European market, for the last 14 years, working with several blue chip companies in the global Market.

Sofia Simões

FailProof Business Academy

Founder da FailProof Business Academy, Founder da Bind Agency e organizer of FuckUp Nights Lisbon.

Miguel Muñoz Duarte


Co-founder of IMATCH - CREATIVE COLLABORATION, a Business-Creativity and Innovation collaborative-consultancy company dedicated to inspire new and fresh ideas/solutions for complex business challenges in the areas of innovation, marketing and sales.

João Freitas

Defined Crowd

João Freitas is the CTO at DefinedCrowd, an international start-up headquartered in Seattle, WA, and with an R&D center in Lisbon, Portugal, that combines crowdsourcing and machine learning to provide big data to speech technology and natural language processing applications. He is responsible for all Portuguese operations, management of the Portuguese subsidiary and for all the product development and engineering processes. With more than 10 years of experience in industry, João has also worked at the Microsoft Language Development Center, where he has taken on several roles as a Lead Software Engineer, Project Coordinator and Researcher. Here, he has participated in several R&D projects in the areas of Speech Technologies, HCI and Ambient Assisted Living. João has published over 30 articles in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals in the areas of Speech Technologies, Human-Computer Interaction, Ambient Assisted Living and Crowd-Sourcing. He is also the author and co-author of several book chapters and one book.

Liliana Marques


CoolFarm Co-founder and CAO. Post-doctoral researcher in Steel Structures.

André Ramos


Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the Leisure, Travel & Tourism industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy, and Digital Marketing. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Degree focused in Marketing and Advertising.

Felipe Ávila da Costa


Being born in Porto Alegre (Brazil) in 1985, 15 years later I moved to Porto (Portugal) and later on to Bristol (England) to complete my studies (Bachelor and Master in Software Engineering + Executive MBA).

Pedro Rocha Vieira


Pedro is co-founder, President and CEO of Beta-i - an organization dedicated at helping startups succeed and boosting entrepreneurial ecosystems based in Lisbon.

Salvador Barros


I am interested in entrepreneurship, by creating and helping to create projects that are helpful for the society. I do believe that Lisbon is going to be the european entrepreneurship capital in 5 years, where the foreign investors are going to acknowledge that we are able to make a diference in the status quo.

Daniela Monteiro

Startup Braga

Co-founder at Startup Pirates and Startup X. Loves learning from entrepreneurs, writing, cooking and has a thing for cats.

Carlos Soares Lopes

Startup Madeira

Criatividade, Empenho, Interesse e Mudança, tudo isto caracteriza o mundo da inovação e empreendedorismo;tudo isto caracteriza a pequena equipa do CEIM.

Célia Reis

Altran Portugal

… language skills, the cultural proximity, the ease of mobility and the technical quality we have a formula that, I dare say, it’s almost unbeatable

Alexandre Teixeira dos Santos

Sonae IM

15 years experience in Telco Sector with several roles, namely: Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning & Control, Business Development (e.g.: Internet, Shared Services, ...) and Product & Partner Development & Management (e.g.: ICT portfolio for SMEs in Portugal; Web & Cloud businesses at a global scale). At Sonae IM, as Head of Portfolio Management, a new world of opportunities are about to be discovered to grow a business of world class tech-based companies.

Walter Palma

Caixa Capital

Walter is currently an Investment Director at Caixa Capital, the venture capital and private equity arm of Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), Portugal’s largest financial group. Walter has close to twenty five years of professional experience, both in Portugal and internationally. He began his career with KMPG Canada in Toronto, having transferred to the Lisbon (Portugal) office in 1991, where he specialized in the Financial Services sector and Corporate Finance. He later moved to Banco Finantia, a small Portuguese investment bank, where he exercised roles as Head of Research and as a Director in the Corporate Finance department. In 2001, Walter moved to the CGD Group to found a corporate venturing unit focused on developing internet and technology start-ups, where he also exercised roles as interim CFO and Key Strategist for several new ventures.

Gonçalo Andrade

Hovione Capital

Specialties: Pharmaceutical Project Management, Scientific-Business Liaison, Business Development, Intellectual Property Rights, Respiratory Drug Products, Inhalation Drug Development and Delivery

Sofia Santos

Faber Ventures

Sofia oversees pre-seed activity and talent at Faber, taking on responsibility for companies that align with Faber’s pre-seed scope as well as working with the portfolio companies on everything related with team building and management.

João Jesus


A passionate, professional photographer over 13 years. My reputation and International success in this field was born out of being able to -See what others don't see.- A message I reinforced and passed on to my students during the years I taught Photography and my colleagues in our company. Little did I know that this mantra of mine would find me today, as CEO of Cuckuu, a revolutionary social media alarm and involved in one of the fastest growing technology revolutions in the world.

João Pereira

Portugal Ventures

João has more than 20 years of experience as controller and Financial Director of several start-ups companies (multimedia, consumer services and retail), as associate director of the credit risk department for Millennium BCP bank and as portfolio manager for SPR, the first Portuguese Venture Capital GP. As business developer, he has been active in the fundraising and deal flow of business investments in the proof of concept, seed and early-stage phases. João taught several courses during 15 years at the University of Oporto and has been an invited Professor of IPAM - The Marketing School since 2004. At present, João is the Director of Portugal ventures' Digital business unit.

Pedro Ribeiro Santos

Armilar Partner Ventures

Pedro cultivates a rigorous and systematic approach to daily challenges, making him a trustful and insightful professional. He leads most of our sustainability-related investments and also has a keen focus on enterprise software, SaaS and IoT technologies, actively participating in the life of a number of our portfolio companies and scouting the wealth of international investment opportunities that we receive every day. Pedro has a BSc in Physics Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico. He started his career as a Researcher in Physics for the University of Oxford (UK), and holds an MBA and an MSc in Economics from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He has over 12 years experience in IT and Management Consulting, with Accenture and with The Boston Consulting Group, and 2 years as IT and Organizational Director. He is a board member/observer of several Armilar portfolio companies, and fluently speaks English, French and Spanish

Paulo Carvalho

Lisbon City Council

General Director for Economy and Innovation in the Lisbon City Council, responsible for the areas of economic development strategy, investment, innovation, entrepreneurship and strategic clusters.PhD in Management at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (France), with a thesis entitled: Scenarios as a tool to give context and sense to Weak Signals in a process of Competitive Intelligence. Researcher and consultant in the fields of foresight, scenario planning, strategy and innovation with public and private organizations in different industries including telecommunications, electronics, software and tourism. Experience in coordinating and facilitating change and innovation and strategic foresight projects in different types of industrial and services companies.

Malik Piara


20 years-old. Malik is a tech entrepreneur in the making deeply passionate about people and good design. He always finds ways of working together with others in order to build and grow communities. Currently working at Upframe and organizing meetups, talks and conferences on startups, ideation , digital design and youth entrepreneurship having previously co-organized an event for +200 people. We're all humans. In the end of the day what really matters is to be able to communicate and get things done. You can easily reach him at malik@upframe.co, facebook or twitter.

Bernardo Véstia


Being fascinated about the combination of marketing and technology and its limitless possibilities, I’ve been connected to both since the beginning of my career. Curious and constantly looking for innovative solutions to the challenges that arise, my colleagues define me as creative, proactive and determined. Being a people person I easily make good professional relationships, enjoying working in a collaborative environment. My most recent professional venture is Inviita, a company I’ve founded after obtaining Investment from two Business Angels. Been leading Inviita to be featured as Best New App by Apple in the App Store, in 37 countries, and reaching 50.000 users on iOS alone in 6 months with a very tight budget.

Luis Monteiro

Pestana Hotel Group

Luis holds a PhD from Warwick Business School and a 1st Class Engineering and Technology Management degree from Liverpool. As a leader, he is data driven, passionate about people and loves challenges. He coaches for high performance, customer centric, -can do- spirited teams, technically robust and commercially savvy. In his Leisure time, Luis is a pilot and loves flying Cessna 152s and 172s

Luis Calado


Luis Calado is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Portugal where he is responsible for cloud evangelism. He has a degree in Computer Science and he works in the IT industry for 17 years. Beyond Microsoft he is also a passionate developer, photographer and cooker.

Stewart Noakes

Canopy City

Pragmatic and driven, Stewart brings entrepreneurial experience in environments ranging from startup to large corporate. His value is best seen in bringing about innovation and change within organizations that see their future different to their present.

Helena Vieira


I am passionate about innovation and how one can turn ideas into concrete products and solutions. I am a specialist in the life sciences arena, and a lover of our ocean and blue life, but I am enough of a generalist on innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship and leadership to be capable of connecting different people with different languages and guide them to success. I love to think of a consumer perspective and couple that with a management and enterprise expertise to create novel models of businesses and solutions. I have made my career as an expert in biotechnology and pharmaceutical backgrounds, dealing also with innovation and entrepreneurship, with a special focus on marine biotechnology and product development for pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetics, nutraceutical and consumer goods markets. I have founded 2 start-ups, including BIOALVO, a top class biotech company developing natural and small molecule ingredients for various markets. My skills have put me on the major international and national decision and strategy making boards, I have been an FP7 and H2020 evaluator and expert and advisor to many start up companies, market intelligence and consulting firms. My range of action goes from pharma and biotech product development, regulatory and intellectual property management, clinical development, business strategy, leadership and innovation, resource management, entrepreneurship and education.

João Carreiro


Consistently seeking new challenges, I have launched various businesses and helped startups and corporates alike to achieve their goals by developing and implementing new products and approaches to answer to their needs. I always felt the need to create and make things better but the first time I actually did something with impact was when I was 16 and decided to create what was the 1st online radio in Portugal. At the age of 18, I started my first company by only using bank loans, in the area of electronic security and home/office automation where it became the main supplier of criminal investigation equipment in Portugal. At the same ime, I launched the first National Engineering Competition in Europe, which currently takes place in over 30 countries. That experience made me discover the part of management I am better at is strategy, more specifically in new business development and scaling. In 2011 I became the youngest sales responsible of a company working in homeland security and soon after that, founded another company that developed and launched the world smallest 4G HD video server in one of the most restricted markets in the world with less than 0.6M$. After years of working in innovation and product development in high-tech markets, I realized that I not only love crafting products and experiences, but that the attention to detail that makes me good in security also makes me thrive in developing user-centered projects. Love driving, creating and meeting new people. It is my intention to make a difference in the world, help people and be happy! I am a climber, an adventurer and a risk taker with a particular love for the outdoors. Being an entrepreneur is not only hard, it is painful. I did a lot of mistakes that cost me countless sleepless nights. If you need anything I'm right here: joaocarreiro@gmail.com

Hugo Castro


Hugo is passionate about events. Started almost 20 years in the showbiz industry, working as a sound engineer in Portugal and abroad, he moved to Audiovisual Post Production and many DVD’s in Portugal passed by his hands. Always connected with technology, was invited to become the Senior I.T. for the AppleCare Project in Portugal and now he’s into the startup scene and with his team, wants to revolutionise the way we find and go to events.